REVIEW: “Fields Amaze (and other strange music)” by Patrick Grant

Originally released in 1997, Fields Amaze was a compilation of composer Patrick Grant’s various works and abilities. Now newly remastered, Fields Amaze (and other strange music) is even more vibrant and varied.

Different states of being are all encompassed within the songs of this album. Instrumentals clash and combine together in “Keeping Still” to generate adrenaline. Odd melodies flow through “Everything Distinct/Everything the Same” to make you feel confused.

Most noticeable about Grant’s work is his infusion of unfamiliar instruments together. The infusion is anything but seamless though. Instead of flowing together like a symphony, the song’s intentionally contradict to generate feelings of unease and excitement at different moments. You never know what’s going to come around the corner.

All of the songs in a very clear cut way create these soundscapes in your mind. You can envision the dark brooding hallway or moment of peace that the track would accompany. Movie buffs especially would appreciate how Fields Amaze seems to perfectly soundtrack a horror movie at times.

Fields Amaze (and other strange music) isn’t for the faint of heart though. It’s meant for people who want to discover something a little weird, a little unexpected. With some of the tracks being more than eleven minutes long, the album can be definitely be described as a journey.

The 2018 remastering brings Fields Amaze (and other strange music) to life. Even more vibrant, ambitious and complete with additional bonus tracks, the newest release from Patrick Grant is a pleasant surprise.

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