Review: “Endeavor” by Elza

Smooth, soft instrumentals pull you into Elza’s second-single, “Endeavor.” The track is off of Elza’s new album, Nothing’s Wrong, available now.

The song is somber, growing over the course of four and a half minutes. Comforting synths are combined with acoustic melodies to ease you through the slightly melancholy song. The main focus of the song however is the vocals from Elza.

Elza sings with a gentle croon that grows with the song. It curves and sweeps with melodies, ultimately urging the song along. The lyrics feel very retrospective but hopeful, as if they were written while looking through a rearview mirror.

The lyrics look back on past moments. We only get fragments of these moments, snippets from the greater picture. Metaphors and visual lyrics take the place of telling us what happened between then and now, but there’s an absence felt even as the song grows.

As the lyrics look back, they also grow and sing about growth even in the face of diversity, about taking what’s left to you and moving on, building up.

As the song builds, so does Elza’s vocals.Eventually there’s a confidence in both the melody and the vocals that wasn’t there before, ending on the very triumphant, “I can still begin.” Somber and sweet, “Endeavor” might be Elza’s greatest one yet.

You can listen and purchase Nothing’s Wrong now at Elza’s website.

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