Abertooth Lincoln channel America’s rage in new music video

Abertooth Lincoln dropped a new video today for “Average White Boy.”  The song is their first single since their 2017 EP Selling The Urban Ideal, they use this video to directly comment on the increase in white supremacy in recent years and the roles that our government is playing in its rise.

“Being a band mostly made up of straight white men with the exception of our vocalist, we tried to be careful not to tell the story of any minority group’s experience of dealing with this emboldened resurgence of neo-nazism/white supremacy in America,” the band said. “This violent hate group made up of frustrated white men was empowered to kick in our doors and demand our attention, just as the unwanted package delivered at the beginning of the video morphed into an uninvited, home invading, white supremacy monster.”

“This song is our way of fighting back, and calling these people out as being nothing but ‘Average white boys,’ frustrated with their own short-comings and looking to blame their mediocrity and lack of accomplishment on somehow being disadvantaged or threatened by women’s rights groups, minority groups and immigrants.”

The post-punk group worked with David Perkins, who shot and edited the video, to create a seamless flow that creates the frighteningly familiar clenching sensation in the chest that comes with watching the news, and a video that is impossible to look away from.

The video leaves you breathless in both the best and worst of ways, blending Abertooth Lincoln’s talent with the cold, harsh reality they highlight in the video.

The band had a difficult time in filming the video, as it was filmed in early January and the temperatures made it difficult to film some of the most iconic scenes in the video.

 “The shots of the mannequin head melting outside had to be done in 30-60 second stints, because none of us could handle being outside any longer than that,” the band added.

Outside of that, the video was a chance for Abertooth Lincoln to challenge themselves as a band and creatively as well.

“Making the video was a unique challenge for us,” the band said. ”It was our first time executing a storyboard concept based around one of our songs. “

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