Review: “Title” by the Sonder Bombs

The Sonder Bombs have signed to Take This To Heart Records and dropped their first single, “Title” off their upcoming album Modern Female Rockstar.

The song is a female anthem with lyrics that will resonate with its female audience and make certain males uncomfortable. Frontwoman Willow Hawks sings with intimate strength, calling out misogyny in the music industry today.

The song hits the ground running with “I don’t want to be your merch girl, I want to be your goddamn idol.” It culminates to a female majority crowd singing in unison “It’s not enough to buy my merch if you can’t look me in the eyes, and I don’t want a weaker handshake than what you give all the guys.”

The bitter, powerful lyrics aren’t the only thing that make “Title” a stand out song. Within the classic instrumentals that make up a pop punk band, the Sonder Bombs feature a ukulele. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about that particular instrument is soothing Hawaiian melodies, but that’s not what you get when listening to this stellar track.

You get powerful progressions and melancholy melodies. You get powerful choruses and a dynamic push and pull within the song.

“Title” gets you primed and ready to overthrow the patriarchy. Every lyric and chord channels the passion and energy that you’d want to see in a movement. The lyrics perfectly translate the bitter anger and desperation of females in the music industry.

There’s no doubt that the Sonder Bombs will make their mark on the music scene with their upcoming album, Modern Female Rockstar out Oct. 12 via Take This To Heart Records.

Tour Dates:

W/ Runaway Brother and Pale Lungs
10/05 – Pittsburgh PA
10/06 – Cleveland OH
10/07 – Indianapolis IN
10/12 – Cleveland OH (The Grog Shop / Signals Midwest 10 Year Show)

W/ Halogens
10/25 – Philadelphia, PA
10/26 – Asbury Park, NJ
10/27 – Holyoke, MA
10/28 – Amityville, NY

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