Song Review: Not.Your.Regular.Boy. – “Get Down Make Love”


Electric and vibrant, “Get Down Make Love” from upcoming artist Not.Your.Regular.Boy feels like a rock pop mash up of Maroon 5 and Adam Lambert. However, while the new single has great aspirations, it falls a little flat outside of a live setting.

Not.Your.Regular.Boy is artist Ferry, who claims to sound like influences such as Brandon Flowers and Empire of the Sun while being uniquely their own artist. While they definitely don’t sound like anything played on the radio today (in a good way) their inexperience shines through as a weakness while their unique brand is their strength.

The most distinctive feature of “Get Down Make Love” is the futuristic guitars and synths. There’s an early 2000s influence in the composition of the song, from the way the guitars play in the background and the overlays of the artists voice. It’s the same effect that can be heard in Lenny Kravitz’ “Fly Away.”

There’s a wonderfully electric build up in the first verse, energizing the listener only to fall flat in the repetitive chorus. It’s like a bad bass drop in a club. It throws everything off and leaves the listener feeling unsatisfied. The pacing and energy is always found in the verses, causing “Get Down Make Love” to feel like a rollercoaster until it sizzles out and into a stop.

But, the theme of the song is fun and vibrant. In a live setting with the futuristic sound coming to life around the listener, it would be a stellar hit. Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is a new fresh artist onto the scene with the promise of being different. While “Get Down Make Love” might not be the club banger its intro makes it out to be, the instrumentals and vocals in the verse show promise for more engaging songs in the future.

“Get Down Make Love” is out on June 8 via BERT music.


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