REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

TALMA - Out To Sea (Single)

Blending alternative and classic rock together seamlessly, the London-based five piece in TALMA have released their newest music endeavor, a four song EP called Out to Sea on Feb. 23.

Out to Sea covers a wide range of themes that are meant to represent the modern world. The lyrics tackle dark themes like loneliness and isolation, yet it’s done so in a way that feels upbeat and powerful. Combining the moving lyrical content with guitar-driven sounds, the entire feel of the album gives off a vibe like it’s something you’d pick from a record store a handful of years ago.

The band’s vocalist, Henry Adams, has a cool and melodic tone that is present throughout the entirety of the EP. His vocals have a Jim Morrison “Riders on the Storm” vibe that’s paired with the cool, yet strong, vocal presence of Morrissey.

To compliment Adams’ soulful vocals, a guitar-heavy backing by Jack Rennie and James Creed mesh the intensity of Adams’ vocals together and it creates a musical force to be reckoned with. To round out the powerful combination of sounds, bassist Pete Warren and drummer Jonny Harrison help reel in the intensity of the music to create a tight sounding EP.

The band’s sound and lyrics are very reminiscent of a sound from long ago. Their inspirations include some of the greatest bands in rock history, The Smiths and The War On Drugs just to name a few, and that shines through upon first listen of the EP.

While the band has that gritty, yet soulful, feel from acts you’d find at a record shop – don’t let deter you from giving these guys a listen. The band’s sound is more than just the classic rock vibe I’m giving them credit for. TALMA is musically diverse and they would do just fine being on the same playlist with band’s such as Bad Suns and Don Broco.

Their indie presence should be viewed as more than just another light-hearted act. The band comes straight from London’s underground music scene and the band takes that underground gritty and raw sound to make it their own blend of rock.

The album is overall a delight to listen to. It’s got a raw edge thanks to their underground presence, yet it’s a soulful EP that will transport you back into the 1960’s where rock and roll was at its finest.

For more information about TALMA, you can check out the band’s website, Facebook, Instagram and their Twitter.

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