REVIEW: “Infernal Overdrive” by White Wizzard

White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive

“Infernal Overdrive” is the latest release from heavy-metal band White Wizzard. Self-described as a “true American metal band,” White Wizzard heavily feature long guitar riffs and higher pitched vocals to complete the classic sound.

The lyrics are incredibly visual, occasionally referencing supernatural concepts like Hell, angels and Satan. “Infernal Overdrive” even features a whole song based around dragons. In addition to the supernatural references, the subject matter is another trait borrowed from heavy metal legends that came before them.

Generally, the lyrics are so visual that they’re at times vague and more than open to interpretation. But all of the lyrics try to talk from a higher perspective or with a deeper meaning. “Metamorphosis” talks about rebirth and change, while lyrics in the title track reference society being glued to their screens.

“Infernal Overdrive” only has nine songs, with five of them going over 5 minutes in length. Overall, all the songs have the same vibe and the same general guitar based instrumentation, creating an effortless flow from one song ot the next.

Each song has a heaviness; a moshability to them that makes them dynamic songs to play live to a riled up audience. While the riffs can get repetitive, this new release from White Wizzard will be a breath of fresh air to any classic heavy metal fans wanting something new in their genre.

“Infernal Overdrive” is out today via M-Theory Audio.

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