REVIEW: “All I Said Was Never Heard” by Lizzy Farrall

PNE209_Cover“All I Said Was Never Heard” is the newest release from Lizzy Farrall, a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. The songs come from Farrall’s teenagerhood and echo earlier Paramore albums with an acoustic twist.

The lyrics are interpersonal and meaningful, reflecting on the Farrall’s relationship with an Other as well as with herself. The EP is a progression through moments that were meaningful to the singer, showing her growth through those moments in her past. It offers an insight into her sound without feeling short, cut off or otherwise incomplete.

Songs similar to“Better With” has a harder rock song, but overall the album is soft and easy on the ears. It doesn’t demand your attention but gains it anyway. You can hear the guitars, the base the drums but they’re paired with violins and sweet lyrics to create a sort of coffee house alternative sound that’s relaxing without being boring.

With an eerily similar voice to Hayley Williams of Paramore, Farrall will quickly win over fans of Paramore, Misterwives and PVRIS. “All I Said Was Never Heard” only offers a taste of her talents, it provides more than enough to prove that Lizzy Farrall will be one to watch in 2018.

“All I Said Was Never Heard” is out now via Pure Noise Records.

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