REVIEW: “Bloom” by Separations


The second album from Atlanta rock band Separations, titled Bloom, shows the band’s maturity from their first record, Dream Eater. Where the first album showed the bands potential, Bloom shows Separations literally blossoming and growing into their own sound.

Separations tackle topics like loss, change and growth with descriptive lyrics and defined vocals from Will Crafton. The vocals blend effortlessly with the instrumentals, adding a sense of unity to Bloom that wasn’t there on their first record.

Crafton says that the album was written during a “transitional period” for the band, as the result of a lot of changes that left them picking up the pieces. Listening to Blooms allows the listener to hear how much the band has grown not only musically, but professionally and otherwise as well.

Guitar and percussion are the foundation for the songs on Bloom, giving the record this intense energy that’s similar to bands like Crown the Empire and Bullet for my Valentine. Stand out songs like “Exist” and “Walls” show Separations’ range of abilities instrumentally, while songs like “Hollow” and “Stargazer” show the band’s lyrical talent to weave a theme throughout a whole album.

In addition, Bloom has a high replay value. This is an album that you’re not going to get tired of listening to.

Bloom is out now via Imagen Records.

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