ICYMI: Black Satellite Drops New Song Ahead of New Album

ICYMI: Black Satellite dropped a brand-new song titled “My Resolve” off of their upcoming debut album Endless, out July 7.

Black Satellite – compromised of vocalist Larissa Vale and guitarist Kyle Hawken – have created a dynamic, enthralling track with “My Resolve,” released June 1 via New Noise Magazine. On this song, resonant, powerful vocals from Vale are paired with masterful instrumentals from Hawken to not only create depth, but to drag the listener down into those depths.

Their upcoming, debut album “Endless” is mastered by Ted Jensen, who has worked with prominent rock artists like Muse, Marilyn Manson, and Arcade Fire. The album, out July 7, will feature “My Resolve” as well as Black Satellite’s two other singles, “Valkyrie” and “Blind.”

You can stream the song over at New Noise Magazine. 

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