Indie Review: “What Do I Do” by Russell Lee


Sometimes what a good song needs to become a great song is the right stage at the right time with the right audience. Russell Lee’s newest album, What Do I Do is an example of just that. On the record, he sings about love, loss, and everything in between with catchy melodies. The small town, old fashioned country vibes of his music might take people down memory lane.

But for them to really stand out, you have to want to take that trip. You need to be in the mood to listen his music. And most importantly, to fall in love with the music, you need to actually be there and see him perform it.

That doesn’t mean that Russell Lee’s music isn’t worthwhile. What Do I Do is perfect for any avid country fan. Every song, no matter the subject, has a melody that you can tap your foot along to and get lost in under the right circumstances. There’s talent there. You just don’t picture it at a sold out arena show – you picture it in a sold out bar or local, summer music festival.

There’s quality and creativity in Russell Lee’s What Do I Do. A nice upbeat listen to filled with good songs that are worth giving a listen if you’re a fan of country. But if you can go out and see a show of his, that’s even better.

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