Review: Likeness by Ursae, New Single


Soft spoken lyrics and a prominent piano combine to create this artful latest track from Ursae, titled “Likeness.” With this song, Ursae lyrically shines and generates a peaceful place, a five minute escape from the world. There’s no telling where you’ll go with “Likeness,” but it’s got all the potential in the world for you to get lost in it.

Ursae combines traditional, “organic” instruments like guitars, pianos, and his own vocals with synths and pre-programmed sounds to create his style. This new song is a lot more soft, bubbly and at times reflective than Ursae’s leading single, “So Green Her Eyes” was. However, the traits that make up Ursae’s simple but splendid style is instantly recognizable.

It’s not a jump up on your feet and sing along kind of song, though. It’s a song that goes perfect with studying in any quiet, peaceful atmosphere. “Likeness” has a soothing quality that just washes over you like warm water. You almost forget the song is there, but when it’s gone, it’s absence is noticed and missed. Pleasant to the ears and uplifting to the soul, “Likeness” is a song that casual listeners and soft-pop fans will enjoy for a while to come.

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