REVIEW: Debut Song “Breathless” from Senator

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Bravely coming onto the scene with a sophisticated, spine-chilling sound and a strong message; Senator has released his debut track “Breathless.” Named for both the story it tells and the feeling it leaves listener’s with, “Breathless” draws you in with a seductive, calm, collected melody that slowly dissolves into this eerie, powerfully evocative tone that leaves you feeling chills.

And part of that comes from the story “Breathless” tells. Senator, otherwise known as Howard Baker from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, wrote the song after conversations he had with two women about sexual assault.

“This song tells a story about a girl. It could be any girl, someone you know and love, or even yourself. It’s an all too common story that needs to be told, discussed and prevented.”
– Senator via Pancakes and Whiskey

“Breathless” captures the emotions, the feelings and the energy felt by a victim. Not only during the attack, but in dealing with the aftershocks. The way the song grows with the story, bigger and bigger until it can’t be contained anymore, allows Senator to highlight his versatility and talent. The lyrics set the tone and the outline for the story, but in a lot of ways the instrumentation plays a bigger part in “Breathless.”

Dynamic and vibrant with surreal flavors similar to Muse and Radiohead, the instruments create an air of distrust and a feeling of suspense while at the same time being intriguing enough to invite the listener in. As the song progresses, obtrusive sounds and instruments interrupt the calm melody which eventually dissolves into screeching guitars and a far off sound that takes your breath away. From the moment you press play, you’re sucked into this song, this story.

With Senator’s “Breathless,” you don’t just picture the scene. You feel it.

“Breathless” is available for purchase now. Senator’s debut EP Tiny Monsters is out March 10.

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