EP Review: “You Know Who You Are” by Ryan Chernin


With a new year comes new music; that’s where Ryan Chernin enters the scene with his debut EP, You Know Who You Are, out January 13. You Know Who You Are features six songs about “life, love, and loss” and is the product of a year’s worth of work. The mature songs, personal lyrics, and intricate instrumentals feel more like an exploration of self than a combination of songs. The further you get into You Know Who You Are, you feel like you have a better understanding of who Ryan Chernin is.

The EP starts out very folksy, with expressive imagery and whimsical, vivid metaphors drawing you in. Distinctive lyrics are the key to what makes You Know Who You Are so unique. They flitter back and forth between feeling so intimate, almost whispered like a secret, and being bared to the world and worn like a heart on Chernin’s sleeve. There’s no doubting that the lyrics and the way Chernin delivers the to the listener’s ears has a certain magic to it.

Despite being a newcomer, Chernin has a mature style and voice that’s influenced by his years spent as an actor and film major. After spending so much time representing different characters on the stage, Chernin explains how You Know Who You Are is all him, saying, “It’s me up there. It’s my pain, my happiness. It’s all out there and it’s very vulnerable.”

Part of Chernin’s mature style is the contributions onto the album. Seasoned musicians from all over had a hand in crafting and creating this wonderful album, including producers John Eugenio and Art Class, mixer Chris Davies, SNL guitarist Jared Scharff and bassist James Genus. With such a strong support for his debut ep, and an obvious talent for writing beautiful songs, you just know that Ryan Chernin will go far.

You Know Who You Are is available January 13.

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