[REVIEW] “Body Wars” by June Divided

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The songs from June Divided’s latest EP Body Wars, dropped earlier this month, are captivating. They echo from your headphones the same way that you’d expect them to echo from the stage at the concert. That energy is there, alive in every song and calling you to dance with it. Progressive, melodic, and poppy; June Divided is bound to make waves with their new EP Body Wars.

June Divided’s progressive pop rock sound is derived from bands like Coldplay, Chvrches, and others bands. Electronic synths can be heard alongside rock n roll guitar verses, and the prominent vocals from Melissa Menago tie it all together with a pretty little bow. The vocals paired with the melodic instruments create a dynamic effect that ties Body Wars together, and it’s beautiful.

While beautifully delivered and produced, Body Wars is almost too perfect. It seems too neatly packaged, too pretty to touch or tamper with. You want to get swept away in their energy and dance, but at the same time it’s so perfect that you feel like all you can do is sit still and enjoy.

Then there are songs that grab you, that break that perfect image and grab you along for a dance through the lyrics. “Take” and “Body Wars” are the best examples of where the music wasn’t perfect like a window display, but seemingly came alive just to drag you along for the ride.

Whether Body Wars becomes a favorite EP or not, there’s no denying June Divided’s evident talent and knack for composition. It’s beautiful and melodic, and June Divided is a band to look out for in 2017.

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