“Arrogance & Ignorance” by The Narrowbacks: Album Review

Confession: I am all about Celtic Rock. I do not listen to near enough of it, and I am always excited to expand the list of groups that are on my radar. That being said, I got so unbelievably hyped over seeing that genre crop up in an email that I couldn’t wait to sit down and review the music that was sent to me. Of course, liking the genre rarely means you’ll like every single thing.

artworks-000182873945-d6b1qg-t500x500But sometimes you get lucky and you find yourself in the middle of an album that has a fantastic energy and sweeps you off your feet in a matter of seconds. The energy didn’t let up for a second. The album won my heart in a matter of seconds, even though I made sure that I only started to listen to it when I was fully off of my initial high from the joy I felt at it being in my inbox.

The album was incredibly fun to listen to and each song swept me off into a new story that had its own energy and stood on its own while feeding in to the overall effect that the album had. It was a fantastic blend of speeds the kept me hooked from the start until the end. Each song seemed to have something new to add to the album. The entire album had well honed sparks of a variety of emotions. It crosses the entire spectrum truly.

I’m always happy to listen to good music, no matter the genre. But this album left me with the biggest smile on my face after it was done. It was gorgeous from start to finish, and if you aren’t already a fan of The Narrowbacks then I suggest you give them a listen as soon as you get the chance. I sure don’t regret it.

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