“Today” by Pamela Hute: EP Review

Today is an EP that has an album following in its wake. With the promise of more music coming in just a few months, the EP draws attention quickly. It was easy to settle in and press play to see what exactly this EP sounded like, instead of trying to guess. PAMELA HUTE-4623.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised at the quiet and evocative songs that filled my ears as I listened
to the full length of the EP. With only a few subtle shifts, the EP became filled with four very different songs. Each of them was breath taking and held the stage of the EP incredibly well. Gorgeous all the way through, I can only hope that this EP is but an introductory act for the album that sits on the horizon. However, Today stands just as well on it’s own as it does accompanied by an as yet unknown album.

I definitely think that you should go check out Pamela Hute as soon as you have a free moment. It’s a great way to relax after the stress that the holiday season can bring, and it is incredibly worth it to just go and listen because it exists. It’s the sort of EP that doesn’t really need a reason.

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