“Rise Now” by Jamil Kassam: Lyric Video Review

There is something incredibly relaxing about a well done lyric video. There is something incredibly pleasing when the lyric video stands up to the music that it is meant to represent. This particular video for “Rise Now” by Jamil Kassam certainly hits all the high points for a wonderful lyric video.

With subtle notes that reverberate in an almost meditative manner, the song picks up pace rapidly as the vocals join the fray. Beautiful in every facet, the song quickly becomes one that is incredibly empowering and encourages the act of being true to oneself for their own sake. It acknowledges the fear that can often hamper a message that never loses it’s importance, all the while leading the way to images of a brighter outcome as the lyric video keeps up with the fast pace of the song.

Eye catching and easy on the ears, this lyric video is absolutely a wonderful way to spend a few moments of your time. The music makes it doubly so. All together the entire ensemble acts a bit like an instant pick me up, and that sort of upbeat music is always worth it in my opinion.

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