“The Nurse & The Winemaker” by St VAN CORtLANDt & THE 101: Single Review

I’d be lying if I said this email didn’t catch my eye with the band name alone. “The Nurse and The Winemaker” is a song off of their most recent EP, The Lion Tree, which was released towards the end of October. My interest was pretty quickly and pretty easily piqued by the group before I even hit play on the single.

With a quick build to wake up the ears into a steady paced guitar heavy melody, the song was incredibly easy to love by the time that the breathy vocals cut in to the music. A bit eerie in sound, but overall hair raising in the most wonderful of ways, the song threw in a lot of surprises despite clocking in under three minutes. Balancing a strange duality in sounds, “The Nurse & The Winemaker” was incredible to listen to.

I will definitely be digging into this band more as well as keeping an eye out for more in the future. I definitely think that you should give them a listen as soon as you possibly can, because it is so incredibly worthwhile. This track in particular builds a lot of interest, so it’s as good a start as any.

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