“Too Many Men” by BENYARO: Video Review

The recent United States election is at best described as a very contentious subject. No matter where you turn during election season, it seems like there’s someone waiting to talk about their opinion with you. Some people are better at talking about politically charged opinions than others.

BENYARO manage to balance a variety of intensely debated subjects in a tasteful way, even with a barrage of incredibly intensely violent  and emotionally charged images, mixed in with with some images and videos that are considerably lighter. The transition from incredibly dark and frightening imagery to periods of video with slightly more hopeful and inspiring connotations is incredibly smooth, and incredibly well balanced.

When it comes to politics, things can get incredibly heavy handed extremely quickly. It is difficult to maintain a good balance while simultaneously making sure that you message gets across and is absorbed and remembered. BENYARO did an excellent job of both in my opinion.

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