“Live It Down” by Lines West: Single Review

Just a little while ago I was introduced to this band through a particularly wonderful single, and was lucky enough to have  an interview with them as well! But for the sake of driving a point home about just how enraptured their music made me, I’d like to draw your attention to their latest single off of the same album!

With that same gorgeous blend of energy and music that made “Head Start” so quick to win my admiration, “Live It Down” creates a softer, more melancholy sound to the lyrics. It is just as quick to win me over with the soft, reverberating guitars and evocative vocals. It  truly stands up to my expectations, and leaves me with a smile on my face that can only come from listening to good music.

Honestly? If you didn’t seek out some music by Lines West from my last few posts about them, then you should definitely listen to them as soon as you possibly can. They never fail to impress me whenever I happen to hit play on one of their songs. The Ghost For You, the album this song is on, released in mid October.

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