A One Man Radio Show: Mike “Fish” Fishkin Talks About Growth and Production of idobi show “Gone Fishkin”

Gone Fishkin Photo - 2015.jpegHosted by Mike Fishkin (aka Fish) on idobi Radio, Gone Fishkin is a dynamic, talk-show style radio show that connects well versed pop-punk fans with the latest and greatest bands in their genre. The two-hour program features interviews, live performances, and music you can’t find anywhere else.

In a recent interview with Music Unlabeled, Fish tells us how he started hosting Gone Fishkin on idobi three years ago, shortly after he stopped working for his community college radio station. A big part of the reason Fish can do what he does is because of the medium Gone Fishkin is hosted on. idobi Radio is an online radio station that focuses on the alternative, hardcore, and indie music scenes.

“Working for the college radio station, I didn’t have any freedom. Especially when it came to what I wanted to play and what I wanted to do,” Fish said. While the experience of running his own show at his college radio station would be helpful to getting him his job at idobi, the station had a lot of rules that limited what Fish could do. Fish goes on to explain that idobi, it’s more “just common sense, not rules.”

“I filled in for another show a couple times, and then [idobi] asked if I wanted to do my own show,” Fish said, “It kind of snowballed in the best way.”

Fish uses different methods to find new bands every week for the show, including Spotify and recommendations from people he knows. Through his show and being an active member in the scene, Fish has become friends with bands like Set It Off, With Confidence, and more. When it came to With Confidence, he was a huge fan of them right from the start. So, when With Confidence finally came into the studio, Fish explained that, “it was like we knew each other for years.”

The freedom to do what he wants with his own show comes with lots of responsibility though. Fish is the only one behind his radio show, and he books his own guests, operates his own board, edits the Gone Fishkin podcasts, and does many other things to keep the show running smoothly. While the work is hard, Fish likes the freedom and the ability to take total responsibility for how the show comes out – good or bad.

“A lot of stuff has changed over the last three years … I used to play a lot more music, now it’s more talk-based. There’s some sort of structure now, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Now it’s free flowing, very quick and easy. A little more family friendly. And the interviews sound a lot better.”

A new edition to the Gone Fishkin show is the podcasts. Each week, there is a podcast exclusive interview that’s not in the aired show. Since the start of his show, Fish has taken to bringing on co-hosts to interview and help him navigate the show. His co-hosts vary from band members, band managers, and even legends like Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman. While the co-hosts are varied, Fish described them all as his “homies” that he’s met throughout the years, and each show is done out of a love and respect for each other and the music scene they work in.

When asked about the future of the show, Fish shared his hopes that the current new bands he features on his show go on to become the “bigger bands” in the scene, and that the show and the bands can “all grow together.”

You can catch Fish and Gone Fishkin 9pm EST Thursday Nights on idobi radio, and listen to previous episodes Right Here.

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