Muse Release Halloween Inspired Cover Video


After releasing a teaser clip with the hashtag #MuseHalloweenSpecial, Muse have unveiled a new music video for their cover of The Cramps’ song “New Kind of Kick.” Clad in leather clothing, the Iggy Pop inspired music video has band members gyrating their hips and frontman Matt Bellamy screaming in his band members faces.

While the sexualized nature of the song comes out with dance moves and sexualized images being projected onto the band, Halloween inspired clips are also shown and Dom’s heavy eyeliner and dead inside look gives “New Kind of Kick” the extra push it needs to be Halloween themed.

The music video comes after tour director Glen Rowe (Cato Music) revealed ideas for the next Muse Tour at the management panel of MUSEXPO Europe Conference.

“We want to do a stage made of magnets so the band can levitate on other magnets,” Row said, along with a plea for magnet technicians to come talk to him about making this idea a reality. Anyway we can reserve our tickets in advance?

Until that announcement comes around, you can watch “New Kind of Kick” below.

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