INTERVIEW: Arthur Revechkis of Comrad

artworks-000170518010-hhad0t-t500x500Comrad released his single “1000 Lives” earlier this year that I previously described as “fun and bubbly from the get-go.” It had a wonderful energy to it that made it really stand out to me. So it was with a great eagerness that I sat down with Arthur Revechkis the voice behind Comrad to learn a little more about him, his music, and what to expect in the months to come.

You seem to have a recurring theme of loneliness on 10 Feet Away. What drove you to have such an upbeat sound for a theme that’s often considered to be a bit somber?

I guess I don’t necessarily think of loneliness as a bad thing all of the time. I think there are times where its perfectly fine to be alone.

Can we expect to see any music videos for the songs off the EP?

I really want to do some music videos. I haven’t yet, but I really want to. We have a pretty good idea of what we want the video to be, so we just need to finance it. Maybe in the next month or two.

You have some incredible stand out lyrics. What was your favorite song to write?

The one that came to mind is “Date With Jesus”, which in the chorus there’s a line about kneeling by the bed. It’s a song about going on a date with Jesus. It’s kind of about the date, but it’s also about what I think about religious people. I like the line because it has sexual connotations and praying connotations.

Any plans to have some shows in the near future?

I definitely will be in future. There are no dates just yet, but I will post on them on my social media circuits. I’ll most likely have shows in New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and probably a few shows in Connecticut.

What are your fondest musical memories?

I played guitar a lot in college with a friend I’m still very close to. I’ve got some fond memories of sitting in our dorm rooms and just fooling around and being terrible with moments of doing something interesting or great. I also recently got a piano and playing on the piano and writing some of the songs for the album has also been a lot of fun.

What can we expect to hear next?

I’m going to be doing full length album. I’ve already started working on it. I’ve written a bunch songs already. I think the songs are better in way. I think the lyrics are better and more interesting, and I think it’s more interesting musically. A couple of songs are written on the piano, so I feel that there’s a different vibe. I think it’s going to be really fun to record.

Anything else that you’d like to add?

My EP just went on sale this week on iTunes and all the standard digital distribution sites.

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