“Upside Down” by Set It Off: Album Review

We get a lot of fun opportunities here at Music Unlabeled, and it can be a little topsy turvy at times. Still, that rush of excitement at a new email in the inbox doesn’t let up. And so it was when Set It Off’s new album showed up in my inbox. It goes without saying that I was incredibly eager to bury myself in this highly anticipated album.

The album starts out with a strong energy and sweeps the listener off on a fun adventure. From the get go, it becomes clear that the album is going to be pushing the envelope a little bit, and experimenting with some new sounds mixed into a more familiar sound for the band. A delightful blend of hip hop, pop, and R&B influences, the mix of genres the band played with for this album was incredibly enchanting and made the songs pop out to a little more.

The album was well arranged, and each song seemed to flow into the next while having a strong divide between them. The album varies the pacing expertly, and ends up displaying not only the vocals but the instruments in a variety of spotlights through its length. Upside Down is definitely a display of Set It Off’s talents and an excellent example of their musical growth over the last few years.

They claim that this album is the pinnacle of their career, and I really I can’t argue with that statement at all. To me though, there’s no where to go from here but further up. This is definitely an album that I’m going to find myself returning to time and time again. It is definitely and album that I think you should check out as soon as you can. Upside Down is set to release Friday, October 7 from Equal Vision Records.

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