“The Age of Envy” by Cale and the Gravity Well: Album Review

Energy is an important part of any form of music. It can make or break a track or album. When it’s right, it’s always a fantastic journey that keeps a listener coming back for more and more and more. The Age of Envy, the debut album from Cale and the Gravity Well, is an album that knows how to wield energy well.

Each song has a unique texture to it, and it adds a soft connection from song to song without making the album seem like one continuous lump. Filled with beautiful music that drips with energy, the album holds the attention extraordinarily well. Each songs paints a vivid story in the mind, and whisks the listener along a wonderful journey. There’s a vast array of difference between the tracks on the album, but it still feels incredibly cohesive.

This album released back in May, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it I definitely think that you should. It is incredibly well put together, and each song has a little twist to it that leaves you wondering what you’re going to hear next on this album, all while never straying from a core sound. It’s a wonderful album, and it is well worth an hour out of your day to enjoy it.

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