Saint Adeline’s Self-Titled EP Review

saint-adelineI try and start my Mondays off with music. It’s important that I always have time for music, no matter what. Music Unlabeled makes that goal a little easier, and brings groups like Saint Adeline to my attention. I’m always excited to give new music a chance, and I’m very rarely let down by the things that wind up in my inbox. Saint Adeline is just the latest example in a long list.

The songs a very vocally heavy, and the vocals are incredibly impressive. The voices stand out against the gentle backdrop of music and knit together a gorgeous set of songs that each hold their own on the album. Every song has its own unique personality and tells a gorgeous story. The three singers in the group come together to create an incredibly unique and beautiful sound that absolutely took my breath away.

All in all? You should absolutely go and listen to Saint Adeline as soon as possible. Their tracks are gorgeous, and it is clear that the group is filled with three very talented singers that have an incredible sound range. They easily make a place on my personal interests, and I hope that you go and listen to this gorgeous EP  as soon as you have the time.

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