Pop Artist Victoria Lane Releases Cover of Sia’s “The Greatest”

Victoria Lane.jpg

Right after releasing her debut single, “Don’t Regret It,” pop singer songwriter Victoria Lane released a music video for her cover of Sia’s “The Greatest.” The cover video is produced by Afflux Studios, and shows viewers “the ins and outs of Los Angeles” as Lane sings with her unique and bubbly style.

 “I believe pop music — and pop culture — is one of the greatest cultural phenomena. No matter where you go, pop culture is there. It permeates every single aspect of everyone’s life across the entire world. Edging my way into it little by little is such an exciting process!”
– Victoria Lane on her inclusion in pop music

“The Greatest” is just the most recent in a long line of covers that Lane has been releasing to help prepare her for her debut EP, out March 2017. Lane also worked with writers like Adam Neilson (5 Seconds of Summer, JC Chasez). The Florida musician’s own original music is inspired by a combination of life experiences and a desire to have her voice be heard, and you can hear her voice on the song below.

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