“The Great White” by Late Sea: Single Review

A lot of interesting music ends up in my inbox these days. Late Sea is one of many, but they certainly stand out from the pack after listening to their first single off their upcoming visual album, The Writers Trilogy. “The Great White” is dedicated to poet Paul Celan, and it is an experience that is better heard than written about.

The single is delightfully haunting, with each and every note twisting beautifully through the air as soon as you hit play on the song. There is an almost eerie quality to the music, but it is done in a way that can only be described as utterly beautiful. Incredibly descriptive, this song is nothing less than captivating as it wraps you in the lyrics and leaves you with stars in your eyes.

This single has me incredibly eager to hear more from Late Sea, and I will be keeping a very eager eye on them. I definitely think this track is something you need to experience firsthand though, and highly recommend that you give it your full attention as soon as possible.

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