“Animals” by Albis: EP Review

Recently Albis was brought to my attention, and I found myself in love with the beautiful melodies that made up the “Redwoods” single. So it was with a lot of excitement that I settled in to the EP that dropped today. Animals might be a quick listen, but it makes every second worth it with the same beautiful sounds that made “Redwoods” so very, very captivating.

The EP is filled with a steady energy that compliments the beauty of the music perfectly. Each song is filled with emotive and powerful vocals that dance easily alongside the notes of the song. Animals is deeply enchanting to listen to, with each song seeming to pop out at you as the EP twists and turns and plays.

All in all, “Redwoods” definitely set the stage, and Animals did not fail at living up to the challenge. Albis certainly delivered a gorgeous EP that I am happy to listen to any number of times. I definitely think that if you haven’t heard Albis’s work already, you should go and seek him out right away.

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