“Head Start” by Lines West: Single Review

One boon of Music Unlabeled is that my inbox is literally full of interesting music these days, both my personal and the general MU email. Lines West is one of many groups that have found their way through to my email, and I am honestly delighted to have this opportunity to share them with you.

“Head Start” is a delightfully melodic song with powerful vocals. It captures the attention with a variety of swells and soft fades that creates an absolutely beautiful piece to spend time listening to. Soft and sweet, the song has a steady pace to it that whisks the listener along a fantastic journey with each and every note.

All in all, “Head Start” was a joy to listen to, and I’m so happy that this band has been put on my radar. They are definitely going to be a group that stays on my radar, and I hope that you seek them out in your own listening. The Ghost For You, the new album from Lines West, is due out October 17 of this year.

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