A Review of The Chris Paterno Band’s Self-Titled EP

Earlier this month, we featured a single by the Chris Paterno Band that captivated my ears and made me extremely eager to hear more from them. Luckily, their new EP is set to be released tomorrow! And I am delighted to be able to share my thoughts with you on it, because it definitely holds up to the high expectations I had for it based off the single from it.

The energy of the EP is evident from the very first track on it. The sound that I fell in love with while reviewing “Lover, When You Gonna Come?” is evident throughout the tracks, even as the speed is varied in beautiful ways. A balance of fast and slow songs decorate the EP, but the energy that made the band pop out to me is clearly present at whatever speed the song plays.

The EP is filled with evocative songs that capture the imagination and take the listener on a journey. Each song has a unique twist on it that makes it pop from the others on the album. I definitely think that the Chris Paterno Band is a group that you should give a strong chance, because the EP they shared their name with is filled with positively gorgeous music. I look forward to hearing even more from them in the time to come.

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