“Redwoods” by Albis: Single Review

Music can tame the mind and the soul. It’s nice to be able to vanish into the folds of a song you’ve loved for a long time, or the deepest corners of a new track. It’s incredibly freeing to let yourself fall into the abyss of notes and vocals, especially when the track is from a talented artist. Albis is new to my ears, but well worth the time I spent listening to his music.

The song starts out like the start of a storm. The swell and break gives way to incredibly beautiful music that is soothing and incredibly easy to listen to. I found myself getting lost in the notes within the first few seconds of listening. Melodic and relaxing, the track easily won me over and left me on a high.

I definitely think this track is worth your time. I also think that you should join me in keeping an eye on Albis in the times to come, because his music and talent is absolutely captivating. Albis has an upcoming EP, titled Animals, is due out this month.

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