Mondays always seem to fare a little better when you start with good music. This track from Dreams of Vertigo that features Tony Lovato certainly fits the bill with ease. It certainly made my Monday a lot better than it would have been without it, because I was in love with the track as soon as I hit play.

The energy of the track is impossible to miss, and it doesn’t hurt that the sound is positively addicting. The track won me over in seconds, and it didn’t make me regret it by the end of the song. Strong from start to finish, “Facade” definitely makes a big impression on the listener. Upbeat and fast paced, the track is impeccably balanced and easy to listen to over and over again.

This song was amazing, and I definitely think that you should listen to it immediately. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Dreams of Vertigo for the foreseeable future, because they have easily proven their talent to me with this track. The next release from Dreams of Vertigo, Reject University, Pt. 2: From Six 2 Midnight, is due out on October 14 of this year.