“Summertime Again” by HERITAGE: Video Review

Summer is starting to wind to a close and the autumn weather looms upon us. There is little we can do to change the weather around us, but a good song can easily make all sorts of weather feel like it’s just gone away. HERITAGE’s song “Summertime Again” most definitely lives up to its name, and makes one feel like the entire summer is laid out before them once more.

With a unique, stand out sound this song grabs the attention with ease and drags the listener down into an upbeat energy that is next to impossible to miss. One listen is all it takes to build an addiction to the song, and get caught up in the summer vibes that it captures with ease. The video blends beautifully with the music, matching the beats and rhythm turn for turn.

All in all it a fantastic track. Music and video balanced perfectly against each other through out the entirety of the song. HERITAGE is a group that I am definitely going to keep an eye on, because they have more than impressed me with this energetic and fun single.

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