REVIEW: “Let It Rain” by Unconscious Disturbance

Let it Rain Cover Art.png

The latest EP from Unconscious Disturbance can be compared to the taste samples at the grocery store. Its primary job is to get you wanting more, and that’s exactly what Let It Rain does. The EP features just three songs – “Eye To Eye,” “Scream,” and the title track “Let It Rain.” Each song is uniquely engaging, showcasing the different talents and sounds that Unconscious Disturbance has to offer. From the picturesque lyrics paired with colorful vocals, to the myriad of melodies and distinct instrumentals, Let It Rain has something for everyone to love.

The song starts out with the Queen influenced song “Eye to Eye,” which acts as a way to showcase their wide range of musical talent in one song. Very much in the way that Queen would combine different melodies to create an immersive experience, Unconscious Disturbance try to do the same thing with “Eye to Eye.”

The leading song grabs your attention very nicely, but the other two songs keep it there for the full EP. More focused, but just as engaging, “Scream” and “Let It Rain” showcase different sides and tones to their music.

The lyrics paint a very vivid picture in your head without giving away too many explicit details. The way that the lyrics are matched with the melodies and tone of the song helps the listener to become emotionally invested in it, and there’s such a delightful flow from one song to the next that you can’t resist getting lost in it. But the biggest problem with Let It Rain is that it just does not have enough songs. This was just a sampler, and you’re left dying for more.

Let It Rain by Unconscious Disturbance is available now on Spotify and other streaming services.

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