My parents played a lot of country music when I was little, so I find myself constantly in love with a good folk or twangy sound even if my tastes have strayed from what I loved in my childhood days. And Philadelphia based group, The Chris Paterno Band, delivers beautifully with a blend of rock, folk, blues, and so many other sounds that throw back to the roots of American music.

The song is absolutely wonderful. A blend of guitars and harmonicas build a fantastic energy, and compliment the vocals beautifully. The song is paced beautifully, with all facets of it matching each other in rises and falls. Nothing dominates, but everything ends up standing out in the course of the song.

I was enraptured instantly, and I am sure that you’ll feel the same way. “Lover, When You Gonna Come?” is a beautiful tack, and the fourth off of the band’s upcoming debut album. They are worth the listen, and they are certainly worth keeping an eye on. The Chris Paterno Band’s self titled EP is due out at the end of this month on September 30.