“1000 Lives” by Comrad: Single Review

My taste in music leaves me open to hearing just about anything. That’s part of why this site exists. there’s so much music in the world to hear that it would be a shame to not give any artist I come across a chance. And artist like Comrad make it worth the chances taken when listening to whatever finds it’s way into my path.

His song “1000 Lives” is fun and bubbly from the get go, but the lyrics add a few darker notes in places. Over all though, the song has an incredibly upbeat energy to it and ends up telling an adorable story amid a variety of fun and interesting musical instruments. It was delightful to listen to, and it certainly comes with my recommendation to you.

It’s a fantastic song, and his other singles out at this moment are equally as wonderful. I definitely think that you need to go out and listen to his work as soon as you can, as well as keep an eye out for more from him. Comrad’s EP 10 Feet Away is due out this fall.

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