Will Green Day’s New “Revolution Radio” be the “American Idiot” of 2016?

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In times of political drama, Green Day comes to us. Singing words of wisdom…

“F*ck that sh*t.”

Green Day released their first single since 2012, “Bang Bang,” which is sung from the perspective of a mass shooter, as described by lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong a Q&A with Rolling Stone earlier today.

“It’s about the culture of mass shooting that happens in America mixed with narcissistic social media. There’s this sort of rage happening, but it’s also now being filmed and we all have ourselves under surveillance. To me, that is so twisted. To get into the brain of someone like that was freaky. It freaked me out. After I wrote it, all I wanted to do was get that out of my brain because it just freaked me out.”
– Billie Joe Armstrong, Rolling Stone

“Band Bang” is from their upcoming album called Revolution Radio, out October 7. The new album is supposed to be “a collection of songs about the chaotic state of America in 2016,” but is “not strictly a political concept album like American Idiot,” and will also be self-produced by the band and engineer Chris Dugan, according to Rolling Stone.

As any well-versed Green Day fan will know, American Idiot was their 2005 political smash hit that became an anthem for the new post 9/11 America and helped so many people navigate the years ahead.

Now – in a time where idiotic celebrities are running for president, gun violence is at an all-time high, neighbors can’t be trusted, and America generally seems to be at war with itself – Green Day are making their grand return with a song that boldly calls out the terror of gun violence in America.

Which leads fans to ask… will Radio Revolution be the American Idiot of 2016? As we wonder if America can get any crazier, will Radio Revolution call out the bullsh*t of 2016 in the same way American Idiot called out the bullsh*t of 2005?

Radio Revolution Album Cover, out October 7

Comparing the two albums – especially when we’ve only heard one song off of Radio Revolution – isn’t even close to fair. The new album is not going to be a strictly political album, but will mix in the very best of Green Day throughout their massive career; rock-out songs, soft songs, love songs, songs that call for revolution, and songs that blow your mind.

The new album also comes after a four-year period of reflection for the band. Since 2012, Armstrong has gone to rehab, bassist Mike Dirnt’s wife Brittany battled breast cancer, guitarist Jason White battled tonsil cancer, and Tre Cool got married. Their views and voices won’t be the same ones that called for a massive revolution in 2005. Odds are, Radio Revolution will be just as much a reflection of the band member’s own lives as the chaos of 2016 America.

But with their first single “Bang Bang” directly calling out gun violence by portraying the mind of a mass shooter, fans can’t help but to wonder. Either way, everyone is tuned in to Radio Revolution, patiently waiting for the next broadcast.

Revolution Radio is due October 7, and full track listing can be found below.

Revolution Radio Tracklisting:

‘Somewhere Now’
‘Bang Bang’
‘Revolution Radio’
‘Say Goodbye’
‘Bouncing Off the Wall’
‘Still Breathing’
‘Too Dumb to Die’
‘Troubled Times’
‘Forever Now’
‘Ordinary World’

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