REVIEW: “Before I Was Born” by The Commuters

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Before I Was Born is the brand new EP from NYC indie rock band The Commuters, out August 12. This brand new EP is their first release since their full length 2012 debut, Rescue. Driven by soft melodies and intimately personal lyrics, all four songs on Before I Was Born EP try to speak to your very soul and touch your heart. The music itself sounds like it’s transported right out of a different era, grabbing your attention with its uniqueness in comparison to today’s indie-rock sound. Whether or not you personally connect with these songs on a spiritual level or not, the talent shown by The Commuters on Before You Were Gone is more than enough to give it a shot.

The band claims that their softer, intimate EP is influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, The Killers, and Bon Iver. When listening to the gentle melodies and soft, passionate vocals on Before You Were Born, there are other influences that creep their way to the surface. Most notably, the intimate energy and engaging melodies are very similar to Alex Band of the Calling.

But Before I Was Born is still uniquely the Commuters, even with the diverse cast of influences. Vocals from Zeeshan Zaidi manage to lure you in, with a style that leaves you feeling as if he’s whispering the lyrics right into your ear, and the instrumentation by Uri Djemal (guitar/keyboard), Ben Zwerin (bass,) and Paul Amorese (drums) is vividly engaging. You can see it in your mind’s eye, and it creates a depth that allows you to get lost in it.

Before I Was Born drops tomorrow, August 12. You can find out more on

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