REVIEW: Plaid Brixx’s Self-Titled EP

Plaid Brixx 1Ohio Alt-Pop band Plaid Brixx have dropped a brand new, self-titled EP. Each of the five songs have their own style and story to tell. With incredibly catchy lyrics and melodic beats that get you up on your feet, Plaid Brixx use this EP to change their sound and direction. And they’ve left themselves open to go anywhere.

“This EP marks the next progression of the Plaid Brixx Sound. After many months, we believe we are releasing some of our best work.”
– Plaid Brixx frontman Chris Duggan for Twist Magazine

The self-titled EP is a follow up to their first release, Chemistry EP released in 2014. All things considered, these Columbus natives are still fairly new but with lots of promise. The high energy melodies in “Don’t Look Down” and “The Greener Side” encourage listeners to lose themselves in the music and dance. Intimate energy and lyric centered songs like “Since You Came” can cause listeners to take a trip down memory lane or pull someone close on the dance floor.

The five songs serve as just a taste of what Plaid Brixx is capable of. Their sound is fluid, able to go back and flow with the energy of a crowd and a person, and the way that it flows through you is addicting. Despite how their music flows through the listener, the Plaid Brixx EP’s songs don’t have a continuous flow from one to the next. The EP sounds like a compilation of singles, just a sampler. Considering how much potential Plaid Brixx has for future albums, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Want a sampler of your own before you listen to the full EP? Watch “The Greener Side” music video below.

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