Summer is such a high energy time. Everything seems to jump from one thing to the next. However, summer is also a time of hazy heaviness that makes everything feel slowed down. It’s the later feeling that is strong in this particular single, even with a fantastic beat and energy to the music.

From the opening notes it’s clear that this song has solid pacing, and the rhythm of it is positively infectious. It’s blended beautifully, with the vocals helping you to melt right into the hazy energy in the song. The energy is always present, but it isn’t a constant high frequency. It’s perfect in its haziness, and the vocals are positively divine. Every note is well suited to the moment it sounds.

It’s a wonderful song, and it’s definitely worth a listen. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Gold Clubb because they’ve got a lot of potential to become a group that I listen to pretty often. I hope that you’re equally as intrigued by them as I am, and give them a few minutes out of your day by listening to them.