“Andromeda” by Heavy Static: Video Review

I have always considered myself a fan of science fiction, so it’s no surprise that the title of this single piqued my interest in a matter of seconds. Heavy Static’s “Andromeda” starts to deliver the second you press play, and it does not stop until the last note is vibrating in your ears.

From the start the song is energy filled and has a quick pacing to it, making it catch the attention quick and with ease. Each note seems to flow in perfect time with the antics of the retro-esque space crew. The energy of the song is matched only by how beautiful it feels as it slips through your ears and draws you deeper into the brief slice of story that we’re exposed to in the video.

Heavy Static caught and held my attention while they played with a genre of story that I greatly enjoy, and I definitely think that that says quite a lot for their talent. Neither the classic feeling video nor the guitar heavy music suffered for the sake of the other. They are most certainly worth your time, and I will definitely be seeking them out to hear more.

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