Top Moments from Warped Tour Cleveland

Warped Tour has been rocking around the United States every summer since 1995, acting as a home for alternative bands and their fans. This year’s Warped Tour line-up included relatively new bands like Issues, Cane Hill, Emarosa, I See Stars, and flashback favorites like Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Sum 41, Falling In Reverse, and more. Music Unlabeled got to go to Warped Tour on the Cleveland stop, and while we’d like to talk about every moment in maximum detail, there was just so much to see. So we had to pick our favorites, but you can see all of our pictures below:


1. The Maine Letting Birthday Boy Daniel Sing on Stage

The Maine’s set was catchy, dynamic, and that perfect mix of chill and rock n roll that you would want so early in the morning. Lead singer John O’Callaghan frequently stopped to address the crowd and loosen everyone up. But he went above and beyond with a certain birthday boy in the audience. O’Callaghan pulled 18-year-old birthday boy Daniel up on stage, gave him a lecture about never paying for porn, and had him sing along with them. We don’t know who you are, Daniel, but happy birthday.

MGK with We The Kings (Photo: Orlando Villanueva) 

2. Machine Gun Kelly’s Guest Appearance with We The Kings

We The Kings was one of the many nostalgia bands on the Warped Tour this summer, and they drew a gigantic crowd of all ages. Their set included many fan favorites, lots of dancing, and a surprise appearance from Cleveland’s very own Machine Gun Kelly. He appeared at the Indiana show the day before (and a day after he partied it up with Warped Tour artists at the Alt Press Music Awards in Columbus,) so we don’t know if he was only hitching a ride back to Cleveland or if he’s a permanent guest on the Warped Tour line up, but we loved him.


3. When The Crowd at the Cyclops/Poseidon Stage Broke the Floor

The Cyclops/Poseidon stage is housed in the Blossom pavilion, and it was there that bands like Emarosa, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Masked Intruder, and more performed. Around Knuckle Puck’s set, venue security stopped any more people from entering the standing only pit. Everyone else had to stand on the other side of the barricade or find a seat. Only half of the pit was full, so with a little encouragement from the band, fans started jumping the barricade. This lead an amused security staff to shrug and let the rest of the fans in, causing the pit to fill up with fans standing shoulder to shoulder. Two sets later, I See Stars came on and brought the house down, almost literally. They got the crowd jumping so much that the pit floor (with a basement underneath) literally started cracking and became a safety hazard. The crowd was encouraged to move to the other side of the pit, fans were asked to leave, and all of the bands were really understanding… but there was still a lot of jumping.

4. The MASSIVE CROWD for Good Charlotte

This was only Good Charlotte’s second day on the Warped Tour, but their first time touring with the festival in ten years. The band has new music out, but they stuck to all of the songs that their fans listened to in junior high and high school. It was at that moment that the scene really felt like a community joined together through music, even though we all were strangers. Hearing the crowd sing along to every word, without missing a beat, being right in the middle of it and jumping with everyone shoulder to shoulder, it was amazing. At that moment, it was less about the show that Good Charlotte was putting on and more about hearing the music and experiencing it together. It felt like a once in a lifetime thing.


5. Yellowcard’s Final Performance in Cleveland

Earlier this year, Yellowcard broke our hearts with the announcement that they would be retiring after close to 20 years together. As our favorite pop punk band with the violin, this broke everyone’s hearts. Finding words to describe their set is difficult. It was almost as if there was a sense of sadness in the air. There was less singing along, and more pausing and taking in the moment. At the tail end of the set, Yellowcard announced that they wouldn’t be coming back to Cleveland on their farewell tour, and they gave their fans a chance to sing along to “Ocean Avenue” one last time. And Cleveland did not disappoint.

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There’s still time! Warped Tour is only half over, and there’s plenty of chances to see all of your favorite bands live. Go to for more information on tickets.

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