“Dead or Alive (For Now)” by Fable Cry: Video Review

Sometimes you get the urge to step outside your normal haunts musically, and try something new. I am not a huge horror fan, but this group has been getting some recognition from a lot of horror based pop culture sites, such as Rue Morgue and Fangoria. Needless to say, the list ended up getting me very intrigued in both the music and the video that accompanied it.

The song is fun, with a lot of eerie undertones that blend beautifully with the visuals portrayed in the video. Overall, there is a very fun classic feeling to the video, leaning harder into older horror movies in the general style of the video. It’s a strong change of pace from a lot of modern horror films, so it catches the attention with ease. It is beautifully done, and draws me in with so much ease. On top of that, it is a wonderful change of pace and serves as a great reminder to me that there’s a lot more to horror than chainsaws and gores, which is something that is easily assumed when it’s the most prevalent lately.

I was in love with Fable Cry before the song even finished. They won me over in a matter of seconds. I definitely think that they are worth your time, and I will definitely be digging in to the rest of their catalog. This was an incredibly creative video that flowed beautifully with the gorgeous music it was set to, and I highly recommend that you watch it straight away.

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