“Dropped” by The Fem Doms, Single Review

FemDoms-DroppedBrooklyn based band The Fem Doms have released “Dropped,” an all new guitar and rhythm based track from their upcoming EP Attic. The track is very guitar heavy, rhythm driven with intriguing vocals that flow with the beat. The sound drives influences from 90s pop rock bands, and the influences are very easy to spot. For the less picky music fans though, the engaging rhythm of “Dropped” will have you bopping along and wishing for more.

When we say 90s pop rock bands, think of early Matchbox 20. Lots of guitars, more rhythm based than melody based, and vocals effects that give the song depth. The only thing it’s missing are the trumpets and intricately layered instrumentals. Instead, the Fem Doms keep it simple with just guitars, percussion, and vocals. And it works out in their favor. While not as impressive as the originals, the sound isn’t something that you hear all too often nowadays. The way that the Fem Doms are bringing back that 90s sound on “Dropped” makes you want more.

The vocals in “Dropped” are one of the more stand out things about the song, but the rhythm and guitars totally steal the show. The way that the lyrics sometimes act as a counter melody to the upbeat rhythm gets your attention, and it helps you pay attention to what the lyrics are saying. They describe an energy, a feeling, and it’s great.

A music snob might get tired of hearing the influences of yesterday replicated by a band of today. Nothing is ever as good as the original, after all. For a more open listener, hearing the Fem Doms try to spin their own version of a classic sound makes you excited for Attic. Either way, “Dropped” does its job well of getting you intrigued for what’s in store.

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