“Where The Light Shines Through” by Switchfoot, Album Review

wherethelightshinesthrough.jpgSwitchfoot’s latest album, Where The Light Shines Through, is – as classically as ever – a wonderful, upbeat album. It features sounds similar to their previous album, Fading West, while still being unique. In some cases, it is a totally new sound for Switchfoot.

As a band, Switchfoot has evolved in several different ways in the last few years, but definitely for the best. Where The Light Shines Through features a more pop-rock sound, straying from their classic sound on older albums. However, lead singer Jon Foreman has definitely been putting his musical talent to use lately. These are the kind of songs that you keep with you,in a lot of ways.

Personally, I’ve always looked to Switchfoot for a pick-me-up. They’re great if you’re looking for inspiration, for something to tell you that no matter what, it’s going to be okay. In interviews, Jon Foreman has personally said that that is something he tries to put into his work: positive vibes. And it’s definitely obvious that he knows the world needs that right now.

Putting positive vibes into his music is something Foreman doesn’t fail to do. Several of the songs – such as the title song, “Where The Light Shines Through” and “I Won’t Let You Go” are songs that will remind you that there IS a light in the dark, which is something I feel everyone needs to be reminded of. Where The Light Shines Through does a very good job of intertwining music that suggests dark times with an upbeat hope for the future – something many other artists fail to do. All too often, “hopeful” songs are dark – and that’s just not the case. If anything, this is the most positive album I’ve listened to in a long time.

Another song that is worth mentioning is “Looking For America.” It’s bound to surprise listeners on several levels. The song itself starts off as a mix of melody and rap, and takes a somewhat dark turn. It’s a relatively political song that reflects on the darkness that’s been happening over here in America, and asks, “has your dream become out of touch?” The song is an eye opener, in a lot of ways. It does a beautiful job of summing up the feelings of many citizens. It states that America has become dark, and it needs to be fixed. It’s a beautiful representation.

Ultimately? This album is stellar. I have been listening to it nonstop for the last few days, and I cannot put  into words how impressed I am by this album. Everything about it is perfect. To steal another one of their track titles, Where The Light Shines Through is “Light and Heavy” and I can’t help but relate to this album on so many levels – and I feel that other people will too.

Where The Light Shines Through drops July 8 via Concord Records.


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