“Gone Is Gone” by Gone is Gone, EP Review

GIGcover.jpegGone Is Gone is the new self-titled debut ep from rockers Tony Hajjar (At the Drive In), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and Mike Zarin. All of them came together as musicians looking for a more creative outlet, and so Gone Is Gone was born. For a debut record, there’s a lot of promise in it. But just like any first record, there are a lot of things that need to be worked on too. Gone is Gone drops July 8 via Black Dune Records.

The most enjoyable thing on the Gone is Gone EP is the composition. The way that the instruments flow together and create a sort of AFI inspired dissonant sound is captivating. It’s not just the same riffs or melody played over and over. There’s variations within the instrumentation that give the songs depth. You can tell that these musicians know their instruments, as well as how to arrange them.

The song that left the biggest impact was the mainly instrumental track, “Character.” The way the instruments and melody fade in and out adds enough depth for you to just dive in and get lost in it. The lead track linked below, “Violescent,” is another captivating listen to. One of the greatest things about Gone Is Gone is that no song sounds the same. You flow from one style to the next with ease.

The vocals by Troy Sanders is where it gets complicated though. There’s no denying that his vocals are unique. They contribute a lot to the sound that makes Gone is Gone stand out. However, there are certain songs where the vocals blend almost too into the music. On these occasions, the lyrics are hard to make out and the song loses your attention. This is only a small complaint though, and overall doesn’t distract from the enjoyment of Gone Is Gone.

For a band just getting started, this is a wonderful EP worth checking out even if it’s not your style. Gone Is Gone is out July 8 via Black Dune Records.

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