“Love and Other Crimes” by Masked Intruder, EP Review

MaskedIntruder_LoveAndOtherCrimesWisconsin band Masked Intruder are back with their brand new EP, Love And Other Crimes, out July 8 via Pure Noise Records. The EP is a 90s punk inspired record with upbeat lyrics that make you smile and move your feet. Whether you’re driving to work or listening at home, Masked Intruder’s energy is contagious. The six songs all cleverly flitter between two major themes that everyone can relate to; love and law breaking. As a listener, if classic pop punk is your thing, you’re not going to be able to get enough of Love And Other Crimes.

The first thing that you notice about the EP are the lyrics. Clever and catchy, this is the element that really makes you fall in love with Love And Other Crimes. With mentions of restraining orders and running from the cops (“Beyond a Shadow of A Doubt,” “Running from the Cops”) and wishing on a star for a love to come into your life (“First Star Tonight,”) all six songs tie into each other to stay within the two central themes of love and crimes. Which aren’t two things that usually go together, but Masked Intruder makes it work.

Another element that makes you turn up your volume is the upbeat melodies. Not only are the instrumentals and melodies upbeat, but they combine with the lyrics and vocals in a way that makes it addicting. You could potentially listen to the entirety of Love and Other Crimes over and over again and not get sick of them. Listening to the music, the melodies are so positively intoxicating that you can perfectly picture yourself dancing to a live set. Maybe even on one of their many Warped Tour stops this summer.

In the end though, this isn’t accounting for taste. There are some people that are going to hear the simple yet catchy melodies on Love and Other Crimes and hear only noise. But if pop punk is your thing genuinely, then you’ll probably love this EP and the other releases from Masked Intruder.

Love And Other Crimes comes out July 8 through Pure Noise Records. You can find Masked Intruder on Vans Warped Tour all summer, and tickets are available now.

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