Listen to Brock Baker and Loren North’s New Song “Where I Am”

BrockBakerBrock Baker is back in action with a brand new song with YouTuber Loren North, titled “Where I Am.” The song can be listened to below the article. Baker started in music at a very young age, eventually winning an award at the GMAs for “Best Vocals” and later continuing his career as a Warbler on GLEE. Since then, he’s opened and sung with famous pop acts like Katy Perry, Jordan Sparks, The Eagles, and so many others.

“Where I Am” is just another beautiful showcase of his vocal talent. A charming acoustic duet with Loren North, the two capture an intimate energy in their song. Baker and North draw inspiration from Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s smash hit “I’m Yours” from 2008. The major differences between the two is the softer, slower melody in “Where I Am” that has this way of instantly relaxing you. Baker’s vocals are clear and precise, with this way of channeling emotion that just strikes you.

Brock Baker’s debut EP, “Young n Stupid,” is available now. You can also find Brock Baker on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can listen and watch “Where I Am” with Loren North below.

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